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What a Pest Control Company Should Do For You

DIY pest control is a no-no if you’re dealing with Melbourne termite control and bed bug infestations. Only professional pest controllers can manage such pests. So, when you’re working with a pest expert, what can and should you anticipate? Below are 9 things a pest control company should do at your residence or workplace.


Prepare your place in advance. Preparations include cleaning the house, emptying the cabinets, removing pets, covering or storing food, keeping kids out of the area, etc. The pest controller should advise you what to do and what to skimp on.

Cleanliness and Punctuality

Every technician should arrive on time, looking professional, wearing neat attires and carrying clean equipment. Latecomers and joy riders aren’t welcome.

Show Identification

If it’s the first time the pest exterminator is servicing your home, ask to see company identification. With identification, feel free to let the work commence. Proof of identity is important because you don’t want to invite thugs or abductors to your place.

Pre-Service Communication

Before starting the service, the technician has to discuss the situation with you. Typical questions are: Which pest control service do you need? What pests have you heard or seen? Where have you heard or seen them?

Walk around your home with the technician to show them what you saw, at what time and where. In the course of this short tour, the technician should inspect the target areas and communicate the appropriate treatment and products. Take this opportunity to ask questions about the service and pesticides.

Inspection and Identification

The pest controller has to conduct a full inspection. Inspection involves checking pest-infested areas and looking for conducive or contributing conditions. Positive pest identification enables correct treatment to be made.

If prior to this, the technician didn’t discuss proposed products and treatment, they should do so this time around. If during the inspection, something new comes up, causing a change in the treatment plan, the technician should explain the alternative treatment and products. Discuss any concerns or questions you may have.


Based on the findings of the inspection, the pest expert should perform the applicable service. The ideal approach is Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


Once treatment is over, find out what has been done and ask what precautions are necessary to keep your kids and pets safe. To prevent future infestations, the technician should recommend places where you need to seal gaps and mend screens.

Service Report

At the tail end of the service, the pest exterminator should give you a comprehensive report, noting what was done – where, why, when and how. Other details include recommendations and contacts.

Follow Up

For some pests, especially bed bugs, a single visit isn’t enough for full elimination. Find out if there’s any further service or follow-up. Follow-up sessions are necessary to deal with hard-headed pests.

A pest control company that does all the above is able to wipe out infestations in half the time and cost. Unscrupulous dealers don’t mind your needs. They’re just after your money.

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